Meet Bev: Boston Handmade Jewelry

April 3, 2013  |  portraits

One of my favorite work-remotely buddies is another arts-entrepreneur.

Bev is the owner of Linkouture, and creates modern chainmaille jewelry for women that is sold online and at local craft shows. Her jewelry combines beadwork (she has a bit of an obsession with pearls), some wire working, and most recently set stones that she has found in her travels around the world.

Why did you choose to work for yourself?

Working for myself wasn’t something I had ever intended to do until last summer when the idea got into my head. My husband and I had just returned from a five-month trip traveling around South America, and I found that it was very hard to find a job in my field (human services/educational nonprofits). After spending a few unsuccessful months job-hunting, I realized what I really wanted to do was pursue my jewelry business full-time. It’s hard work, and I find myself working more than I did when I was not self-employed, but I am so happy that I decided to take the plunge!


What do you like most about working on your own? What is challenging?

I love the flexibility of it. I really enjoy making my own hours (I’m such a morning person and I love to get my day started as soon as I wake up), deciding how I want to spend my day and what to focus on. I like deciding what to do each day, taking breaks when I want and going to a gym class in the middle of the day, and taking classes that help me with my business that I would not otherwise be able to take.

For me, the two most challenging things are having to fully run a business while dealing with an unsteady income. Being a small business owner, I need to know how to do everything, from making the products to marketing. Sometimes it can hard to balance it all and know where to focus my energy. I have found it is so easy to get overwhelmed by social media and marketing that I forget to make jewelry!

Can you offer advice for other women business owners?

Network, and connect to other small business owners. Working for yourself can be so isolating sometimes. I love being around people, but I spend the bulk of my day by myself. One of the things I love about The Boutique is doing work with my fellow business owners and connecting with people who get what I do. Networking is also great for sharing information and resources–I have learned so much from connecting with others.

What do you like to do with your free time?

Obviously I love making jewelry! But I also really enjoy reading (I’m in a bookclub I started), traveling, exploring, taking Zumba classes, blogging, doing craft projects, and spending time with friends.

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Stop by Linkouture’s blog to learn more about Bev and her beautiful handmade jewelry!

Meet Wendy: Boston Massachusetts Bookkeeping

March 21, 2013  |  portraits

Sometimes it feels like people cross your path for a very good reason.

A couple of months ago (through The Boutique) I met Wendy, the owner of Balanced Life Business Solutions. I’m a Libra, a true one at that, and I strive for balance every single day. Well the one facet of my business that I absolutely need to get into balance is my finances – and that’s what Balanced Life Business Solutions is all about – bookkeeping services for busy women.

Wendy is kind, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable about her field, so I asked if she could tell me a little more about her business and if could take some photos of her at her home office.

Bookkeeping for Women

Balanced Life Business Solutions provides bookkeeping services for women entrepreneurs, helping them grow their freedom-based business. I often get asked, “Why only women?” The answer is that women have to do more. They have more responsibilities at home, they have to juggle the family calendar, mealtimes, activities, travel, and so on. Doing all that, with a demanding 9-5 job, is an incredible stress on the woman and thus a stress on the family. If I can help a women entrepreneur understand her business finances, so that she can grow her business, get more quality time with her family, and get a little “me” time, I want to be a part of that process.

Most business owners want to have a profitable business. You need a good set of financial statements in order to determine profitability. There are several ways I help entrepreneurs. For new businesses, I can recommend which accounting software to use based upon the business needs, then train the user how to use the software so they know how to invoice a client, enter credit card receipts from clients, and reconcile the bank statement. For established businesses, I can do monthly or quarterly bookkeeping. For all business owners, the key is how to read the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. I can walk the owner through the financials, explaining how they can analyze the month’s financial statement, and use that information to help grow their business.

Why did you choose to work for yourself?

I launched my business to get more freedom for me and my family. After 15 years doing tax and accounting work, I wanted to live by my own deadlines, not somebody else’s, and take vacation when I wanted. My daughter is 2 ½ years old and I wanted to enjoy work and enjoy spending time with her. I wanted time off in the winter, without a snow day that I’d have to make up by working Saturday and Sunday. The first 10 years of my career, in public accounting and hedge funds, was client facing. I spent the last 5 years in the accounting department of an insurance company, and I missed interacting with clients.

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Thinking Warm Thoughts: Boston Portrait Photographer

March 4, 2013  |  portraits

Ahhh, do you feel the thaw? It might only be 40 degrees here in Massachusetts, but as a photographer, 10 degrees makes a huge difference during the workday!

Spring is right around the corner and we’re already booking portrait sessions in preparation for a very busy year. This morning we did a little photo “cleaning” and collected a few of our favorite outdoor portraits in anticipation. Enjoy!




Fall Family Portraits: New England Photographer

August 25, 2012  |  children, portraits

It’s that time of year again! Get out your cozy autumn clothes and capture your loved ones’ beautiful smiling faces with a set of gorgeous family photos.

Fresca Photo is offering a special this year – three specially-priced packages for you to choose from. All packages include artistically-edited, high-resolution images for you to keep and print at will! Call 781-817-3357 or email to set up your appointment.

Photo Tips: New England Portrait Photographer

October 28, 2011  |  portraits, tips

We’ve been getting quite a few questions lately about how we create some of our images, which is a huge compliment. (Thank you!) Going forward we’ll post regular blog behind-the-scenes entries.

Below is from an engagement session held this past weekend in Washington D.C. This image was shot on a bridge facing the water. Believe it or not, the image came out soft and dreamy straight out of the camera because we faced the sun, which added the pretty lens flare above and below Erin and Neil. The couple was intentionally kept slightly out of focus, a light rosy wash was added during post-processing, and we also cleaned up some stray hairs and added a little extra contrast.

If you’re looking for more photography tips, let us know as a comment or via email!

Final Touches: New England Portrait Photographer

August 20, 2011  |  about, portraits

What the heck is “post-processing?” If it’s done well, it’s a key service that a professional photography studios like Fresca Photo include in their portrait packages. See for yourself! Here’s what just a little strategic editing can do to make your images beautifully polished and ready to show off. We smooth out skin, add shimmer to eyes, clean up stray hairs and much more.

[Hover your mouse over the image to see what it looked like before final editing.]

Model Quality: New England Senior Portraits

July 31, 2011  |  portraits, seniors

If you’ve seen our Facebook page, you’ll know that Jennifer is currently plastered all over it! She was one of our official models last year, and worked with us on many occasions in exchange for photos. Beautiful, fun, and extremely talented, Jennifer’s outgoing personality shown through in all of her portrait sessions!

Interested in becoming a model for Fresca Photo? Let us know! Contact us today.

A Gussied-Up Group: New England Portrait Photographer

July 20, 2011  |  business, portraits

I love it when large organizations commission us for headshots. They know they aren’t going to get cookie-cutter, stale, boring pictures, because that isn’t what we’re selling. The U.S. Green Building Council asked us to work with their Center for Green Schools team in natural, contemporary poses, and purely in black and white.

The Center is working to make sure every student has the opportunity to attend a green school within this generation, certainly an mission we all should support. I’m glad we were able to do our wee little part by taking their portraits. If you don’t know how attending a green school can greatly improve a child’s educational experience, check out their site. It’s eye-opening!

Fresh Air: New England Family Photographer

July 8, 2011  |  children, family, portraits

This family won a portrait session through a silent auction last year. Mom and Dad were expecting their little one in February, so they decided to wait for their new arrival before using their prize!

They just moved into a big home on a gorgeous estate and the views were spectacular. Across the street they even had a weeping willow (one of the best backdrops!) and around the corner was a long row of gargantuan trees. There are so many more shots to share, but I had to get a sneak peek in since I still have plenty of photos to process!

The Eyes Have It: New England Senior Pictures

July 1, 2011  |  portraits, seniors

This beautiful girl was fairly shy when I first met her, but she really came out of our shell during her photoshoot. She put tons of emotion behind her eyes, which is easy if, rather than pose, you think about something that makes you feel good rather than think about being a model for the day. Her eyes tell a story and make her pictures fabulous!

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