Beyond Coal: Massachusetts Event Photography

July 26, 2011  |  business, events

OK, so technically these photos were shot in Alexandria, Virginia – but what better way to tell the Northeast that Fresca Photo is available for event photography than with some shots of Mayor Bloomberg dedicating 50 million for the Beyond Coal campaign? It was UNBELIEVABLY hot this day – 100+ degrees and not a sliver of shade during the press conference, but the news was so wonderful we all grinned while we sweat.

I Love Black & White: Boston Massachusetts Event Photographer

June 1, 2011  |  events, family

I mainly shoot in color. Vibrant, fresh, fun photos are what I’m all about! But sometimes black and white just captures the essence of the moment, and color dilutes the sensation. I had the opportunity to join a family for a surprise 60th birthday party last weekend and this was one of those moments. Black and white won me over in a major way!

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