The Boutique: Boston Business Women

March 18, 2013  |  business


A photographer’s life can be a lonely one. Usually only 1/4 of our time is spent behind the camera and with clients; we mostly sit behind a computer, learning, editing, marketing or designing. When I transitioned into full-time professional photographer I found many of my days too be too quiet to handle, so I decided to take the reigns of my social life and get myself in front of other women who were in the same boat.

Making Friends in Boston

Enter: The Boutique, an online Meetup group of work-from-home or remotely-based business women located around the Boston area. So far the wonderful ladies that have joined have inspired and motivated me in ways I didn’t think were possible. Genuine connections are being made, along with real friendships and lots of fun times!

Join Us!

Do you live in the Boston area and want to collaborate with other business women? Join us or email me for more information. And stay tuned for highlights and photos of these fabulous ladies in future blog posts!

Professional Headshots: New England Portrait Photographer

September 28, 2011  |  business

Take a peak at the two associates of Velocity Strategies, who asked us to take professional business headshots for their digital media strategy company based out of DC. They were looking for contemporary, on-location portraits, exactly what we specialize in providing in New England, Washington DC, and Tampa FL.

Beyond Coal: Massachusetts Event Photography

July 26, 2011  |  business, events

OK, so technically these photos were shot in Alexandria, Virginia – but what better way to tell the Northeast that Fresca Photo is available for event photography than with some shots of Mayor Bloomberg dedicating 50 million for the Beyond Coal campaign? It was UNBELIEVABLY hot this day – 100+ degrees and not a sliver of shade during the press conference, but the news was so wonderful we all grinned while we sweat.

A Gussied-Up Group: New England Portrait Photographer

July 20, 2011  |  business, portraits

I love it when large organizations commission us for headshots. They know they aren’t going to get cookie-cutter, stale, boring pictures, because that isn’t what we’re selling. The U.S. Green Building Council asked us to work with their Center for Green Schools team in natural, contemporary poses, and purely in black and white.

The Center is working to make sure every student has the opportunity to attend a green school within this generation, certainly an mission we all should support. I’m glad we were able to do our wee little part by taking their portraits. If you don’t know how attending a green school can greatly improve a child’s educational experience, check out their site. It’s eye-opening!

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