Size Matters: Boston Massachusetts Photography

November 16, 2011  |  products

If you’ve decided to spend time and money on having professional photos taken of you or your family, then at some point you are going to need to choose how to show off your beautiful new images. It’s important to remember that size matters! While small prints are perfect for sharing and gifting to family and friends, showcasing them in your home is another story. If you’re planning on showcasing just one, bigger is usually better. Would you rather stay small? Clustering is key; and your photographer will have hopefully taken a few that work very well as a set. See below for an example. (The images on the dresser are 5×7 prints.)

1 – A lone, 20×20 standout print. Eye-catching because of it’s square cropping and size.
2 – A lone, 11×14 standout print. Next to the items on the dresser, it gets a little lost on the wall.
3 – Two 11×14 standout prints, working well as a pair. Add two more for a staggered set. Four squares would look great too.
4 – Two different sized standouts. Line up the edges for a more symmetrical layout.

If you are working with Fresca Photo, we will happily take a look at your home for perfect spots to place your images and even put together different design packages for you to choose from!

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