Food, Glorious Food: New England Food Photographer

September 20, 2011  |  food

The weekend before I moved to Boston from DC, we got hit with hurricane Irene. It was really nothing more than a touch of rain and light wind where we lived, but shops and stores shut down and many folks lost power. My husband and I were busy spending the nights packing up the kitchen (in my personal opinion, the worst moving chore of all) but during the day I had the fun opportunity to photograph the most delicious smelling baked goods I’ve come across in DC.

Rugla Bakery sells it’s yummy treats at the Old Town Alexandria’s Farmer’s Market, and it’s owner asked me to help capture the deliciousness in pictures. I’m extraordinarily happy to report I was given permission to sample! Comes in handy when the fridge is bare and restaurants are boarded up. Give Rugla a try when you’re in town!

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