What Should We Wear?: New England Family Photographer

September 4, 2012  |  family, tips

What Should We Wear During Our Photoshoot?
Most mothers that purchase family portraits look to me for advice on what their families should wear during their session. Your wardrobe will come together easily with a few simple tips.

Since we’re offering our Fall Family Portrait special this year, we’ll use Autumn an example:

Compliment the Background
The Smith family has decided to have their pictures taken in their backyard which has lots of trees and grass that will be orange and red during the session. Since the Smiths want to showcase the gorgeous landscape as well as themselves, the colors and textures each person chooses to wear should compliment the background and not detract from it. Choose articles of clothing that have rich, warm tones and avoid busy prints and very thin stripes.

Do you need to match? Absolutely not! It is important that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing and it’s even a plus to have each person’s outfit showcase a little bit of their unique personality.

Scheduling a session near your home comes with the added bonus of wardrobe changes. For most sessions Fresca allows up to three outfit swaps for a greater variety of portraits. And no matter where we shoot, accessory changes like sweaters & scarves is always an option!

The example above is of a family who made especially good use of color. The shoot took place in October, so they wore warm tones. If you look closely, you’ll also notice their son’s shirt pulls in orange from mom shirt and blue from dad’s.

Imagine the Product
It’s important to imagine your finished product. Are your photos going to be blown up and showcased in your foyer or are they going to be used for your holiday cards? It’s imperative to share this information with your photographer. If it’s a showcase piece you’re after, we can help you pick a wardrobe that compliments your existing decor. If it’s a yearly holiday card that you’re trying to design, we’ll choose outfit that fits in perfectly with the occasion.

A Final Tip
Always make sure the wardrobe selections are clean and ironed. While a little spit-up sometimes happens and can be edited out easily, removing wrinkles is an entirely different story! Unless you are looking for a worn-in look, make sure dresses and shirts are pressed. If necessary bring wrinkle releaser for touch-ups on site.

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