Your Investment

Fresca Photo is a boutique photography service, meaning your session and photographs are personalized and unique. Each personal investment is purchased as a session fee, which includes a preliminary consultation, the photographer’s time and talent, your online image gallery, and prints. You also will need to commit to investing in additional prints and/or artwork when you purchase a session.

As of June 2014, Fresca Photo’s pricing is as follows:

Individuals, Engagements & Maternity
Session Fee $250
Artwork Commitment $200

Session Fee $350
Artwork Commitment $300

Session Fee (at our home studio) $400 -or- Session Fee (in your home) $450
Artwork Commitment $300

Why do you charge an “Artwork Commitment”?

Boutique photography is an investment because it is a labor of love. While we may only spend 1 or 2 hours together taking photos, what you don’t see is the many additional hours it takes to prepare, process and print your images. Rather than charge you a hefty session fee for these additional hours, we prefer to ask you to purchase prints and artwork, which helps get beautiful images in your hands as well as recoup the time and money it takes to create them!

Please contact Fresca Photo for a detailed information about the session you are interested in, and here is some information about how to choose the right photographer for your needs.