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March 11, 2013  |  about

How Long?!

It takes approximately 25 – 45 minutes to fully edit a portrait. Add that up in your head… 25 images x 30 mins = 750 minutes. 750 mins divided by 60 mins = 12.5 hours. A properly-edited collection of 25 images takes around 12.5 hours to complete! Yes, it seems ludicrous, but make no mistake, it’s true.


So you might think, well, speed it up, why don’t you? Think about it this way – say you’re putting together an elaborate meal. If you rush through it, it’s probably going to taste wretched, isn’t it? Each of the final photographs Fresca Photo delivers to its clients is an individual work of art. We want it to be free of imperfections and last forever, which is why we prefer to take our time to create stunning images.

Editing Magic

Take a peek at the following before & after photos. Can you see all the effort that goes into their edits?








Learning how to properly edit images takes time and truly is an art. When choosing a photographer (or editing your own images) keep in mind that you’re choosing your photographer for their skill both behind the camera and behind the computer!

We would love to help you create gorgeous portraits… call 813.431.3357 or email to set up your appointment!

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